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Your source for used and remanufactured air and vacuum circuit breakers, substation switchgear, protective relays and related parts.

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Your source for switchgear and circuit breakers!

We are the source for solutions for your switchgear and circuit breaker needs. Providing equipment upgrades, replacements, spares, and assistance with both scheduled and unscheduled outages, NPE will help you keep the power flowing, the lights on and production up and running with as little fuss as possible.

View, in real time, the major sections of our inventory which includes circuit breakers, relays, fuses, transformers, and a continually growing aftermarket parts list. Our AFT list is comprised of parts that we have found to commonly break or wear out. We strive to upgrade these parts with modern/improved materials to help increase longevity and eliminate possible weakness in the original designs. All in stock and ready to ship when you need them!

Can’t find what your looking for, or maybe you are just not sure? There is a lot more in a piece of switchgear that we are not able to list. We are here to help! Just email info@npeinc.com call or even fax and we’ll be happy to help you work through your problem with a custom solution that’s both affordable and timely.

AK/AKR/Wavepro G Switch

Normally closed motor cut off switch for AK, AKR and Wavepro electrically operated circuit breakers.

LA 1600 Cover (EO)

Metal cover with new labels replaces old plastic style covers that tend to crack and break.

K-Line Adjustable Lift Bracket

Adjustable lifting bracket used with overhead crane for removing and installing breakers K 225 through K 4000.

DS/DSII/DSL/DSLII Phase Barriers

Replacement phase barriers with labels for DS, DSII, DSL and DSLII circuit breakers. Please specify model and size when ordering. Priced per set.

DST-2 Open Close Indicator Assembly

Open closed indicator assembly for all DST-2 air circuit breakers. Mounts behind red close/trip knob - p/n 100001093.