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Where to Find Old, Discontinued, or Refurbished Circuit Breakers from General Electric, Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, and More

Trying to find replacement circuit breakers for your facility? It’s time to review a few facts.

  • Over 75%* of Switchgear running commercial and inustrial facilities is over twenty years old
  • Original equipment manufacturers consider many of these obsolete and no longer support them with new components yet the with proper maintenance will remain reliable for many years to come.
  • Used equipment dealers are your source for equipment and solutions to stay up and running:
    • Safely
    • Reliably
    • Economically

National Power Equipment Inc's (NPE) warehouses are filled with thousands of circuit breakers and switchgear cabinets, and tens of thousands of parts. These product lines date all the way back to World War II, and its staff is well versed in specifying equipment for them.

National Power Equipment’s “Class One” process of reconditioning equipment brings equipment back to “like new” condition. The process includes:

  • Breaker disassembled to its smallest components and inspected for wear and damage.
  • Parts re-plated, stripped, and painted or buffed and polished to “like new” condition.
  • Breaker reassembled with new wiring and upgrades and testing to industry standard.

An old industrial circuit breaker for sale.

Available Old, Obsolete, and Discontinued Circuit Breakers

NPE warehouses a wide variety of old, obsolete, re-manufactured, and refurbished circuit breakers, specializing in low voltage (600 Volt AC or less) through medium voltage (15KV) circuit breakers, switchgear, and parts. Our inventory includes equipment from the following circuit breaker brands:

Keep the Power Running with Replacement Parts

In order to maintain your equipment, you're going to need access to parts!  

These parts can include relays, transformers, trip devices, fuses, and switchgear and don't forget our Aftermarket Parts Store!

The Aftermarket Parts Store is loaded with the kind of hard-to-find parts that always seem to be needed. These parts are available as new copies of the original part, often complete with improvements that will help keep the part in service longer than the originals!

Hard-to-Find Circuit Breakers

If you’re unsure where to look for an older or obsolete circuit breaker, start with our circuit breaker equipment search or our mobile ap NPE on the GO to see if the product you’re looking for is in our inventory. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance we know how to help. Contact us for those hard-to-find circuit breakers or equipment, and we’ll be happy to navigate you in the right direction. 

At NPE our motto is always, " The right equipment, at the right price- right now!"

 ED 12/22

*Based on informal survey of customers 1994-1996