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The Benefits of Renting or Exchanging Reconditioned Circuit Breakers from NPE

National Power Equipment is more than just the go-to circuit breaker supplier for used and remanufactured air and vacuum circuit breakers. In addition to selling breakers, NPE also offers a convenient rental circuit breaker program for facilities that either don’t have sufficient spare breakers or want to avoid down time caused by outages.

The reasons for needing rental breakers vary, but it typically involves when a facility reaches a certain point in its maintenance schedule or if a breaker needs to be fixed. When those times come, NPE can provide your facility with a rental breaker ready for service or set up a rental breaker exchange based on your specific needs and timeline.


Rent Breakers Ready for Service

When you rent a breaker, NPE will make sure to have it ready to put it into service. NPE will work with you to meet your breaker specifications so that your rented breaker is completely interchangeable. NPE regularly keeps a “fleet” of low-voltage breakers in stock and ready to go at a moment’s notice, which means we can sometimes ship out your rental breaker the day it’s requested. If the breaker isn’t already in the rental fleet, we can typically recondition your required breaker and ship it out in three to five days. Stock rotates quickly, so make sure to check with us about availability.

Rentals are priced on a per-month basis, plus freight for shipping. NPE can work with you to not only determine which rental breaker options are interchangeable for your setup, but also which are the best for your budget. For example, manually-operated breakers are a less-expensive option than electrically-operated. In turn, we generally recommend manually-operated breakers for savings purposes unless the breaker is meant for use with a generator, transfer scheme, or other similar situations.

Rental Breaker Exchange

The rental breaker exchange program is a good option for service shop customers that don’t want to take on a series of outages. In this scenario, NPE provides used, EOK breakers that the customer can recondition and retrofit on their own. Once the customer is ready to swap out the breakers, NPE’s breakers are exchanged with the customer’s breakers during a single outage rather than several. This single exchange limits the amount of overall downtime and the labor involved with repeated exchanges.

Rent Circuit Breakers from NPE

Whether you need a short-term solution for a single breaker or want to swap out 10-15 as part of a maintenance schedule, NPE can provide you with a rental solution for your needs. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about our rental program.