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Are Westinghouse, Square D and Eaton Cutler Hammer Breakers Compatible?

For Industrial and Commercial Sized Circuit Breakers

Most manufacturing plants, government and commercial facilities rely on electrical equipment that is no longer supported by the OEM. This planned obsolescence requires you to find a reputable source for remanufactured air or vacuum circuit breakers or aftermarket breaker and switchgear parts that match your equipment.

In most instances, breakers that are manufactured by one OEM are not physically compatible to swap out with another but there is one notable exception – the DS line of air circuit breakers.

Eaton Cutler Hammer, Square D, and Westinghouse Breaker Compatibility

Originally, the DS line of air circuit breakers was manufactured by Westinghouse Electric Company. That product line was then sold to Square D and then later to Eaton and Cutler Hammer. Each company changed labels and upgraded trip units to the latest technology of the day, but other than that the products remained interchangeable. This level of continuity can make DS air circuit breakers interchangeable with the right parts.



Of course, that’s just the beginning of the search. Even with compatibility, you will still need to match model numbers, trip units, controls, and accessories to determine which breakers and parts are a viable replacement for your needs. For that, you will need a knowledgeable dealer like NPE to sort through all the variables.

NPE has shelves lined with hundreds of DS circuit breakers and thousands of used and aftermarket parts and we will be happy to find a cost-effective solution to whatever your issue is. Contact us today or go to and let NPE’s online tool guide you through the process and submit your request.