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News from NPE's Product Improvement Center: FPE DST-2 Open/Close Indicator Assembly


OEM #: 118948/2


Today, we are spotlighting the Federal Pacific DST-2 Medium Voltage Open/Close Indicator Assembly, also known as the "smiley face indicator" for obvious reasons. This fragile, plastic indicator often cracks or shatters through the normal opening and closing of the breaker, increasing downtime and maintenance costs.

Our replacement part is handmade in our custom plastics lab with modern materials and it is fiber reinforced







This part is often sold with our DST-2 Close/Trip Knob which features a solid plastic knob rather than the hollow one that is originally supplied with the breaker




The two above products are considered to be "one and done" solutions, increasing reliablilty and decreasing downtime and maintenance costs.

These parts can ordered online or through your normal purchasing channels. They are available from stock in limited quantities or with short lead times on larger orders.

Just another example of how NPE supplies "The right part, at the right price, right now!"

Part number used to reference original OEM's for identification purposes only. They are not manufactured, endorsed or warrantied by OEM.