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Parts no longer made and no longer available...what do you do?

A customer of ours is in charge of the electrical distribution of a manufacturing facility and had some switchgear running in his building and his production line. These metal-clad switchgear and circuit breakers have been well maintained and functioned properly but over the years the manufacturer obsoleted one particular product line and stopped supporting its parts as well. He's been able to source parts through the secondary or used equipment market through qualified dealers like National Power Equipment, Inc. but one specific product was nearly impossible to locate. In this case, it was a plastic part the is very fragile and breaks if you even look at it wrong. This customer wanted to find replacements for 60 of them but couldn't seem to find that quantity in the used equipment market. He also felt that it didn't make much sense to replace an inherently inferior part with the same inferior part that is just going to fail in the same way.

The solution...National Power Equipment's Aftermarket Parts Department. In less than 2 weeks, NPE had designed the tooling to make a replacement part using modern materials that are stronger and more resilient than what he had been struggling with for years. A true one-and-done solution.


This part was an electrical connector that brought control power into his Federal Pacific H2 and H3 type circuit breakers. This part was originally manufactured with material that tends to crack and break causing an increased risk of breaker failure, downtime along with the risk of an injury to the operators. Check out this part and other's in NPE's Aftermarket Parts Store. The parts listed on our website all suffer from inherent defects the NPE has worked hard to make stronger, faster, better and they don't cost six million bucks!