15HK Shutter Assembly

Replacement shutter assemblies for 15HK 500 and 15HK 750 cubicles.

456D Shutter Assembly

Replacement shutter assemblies for 456 and 456D contactor cells.

5HK Cell Side Secondary Contact

Used to replace cracked secondary contacts on 5HK cell secondaries.

5HK Secondary Block

Replacement 5HK cell side secondary block for secondary disconnect assembly - stationary 5kv with contacts.

AK (U) 2 25 Cell Side Secondary Bracket

Replacement cell side secondary bracket for AK(U)-2-25 cells.

AK 2 (A) 25 & AKR D 30S Maintenance Handle

Maintenance handle for manually closing electrically operated breakers.

AK 2 25 Secondary Bracket

AK 2 25 breaker side secondary disconnect mounting bracket.

AK 2A 25 Indicator Tape

Replacement indicator tape for jackscrew type AKD 5 cells. 16-3/8" long metal with label.