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DST-2 Close/Trip Knob

Solid red replacement knob with pin. Designed to be stronger that original part. Priced per knob.
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DST-2 Arcing Contact Bumper

Arcing contact bumper installed between stationary arcing contacts.
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DST-2 Open Close Indicator Assembly

Open closed indicator assembly for all DST-2 air circuit breakers. Mounts behind red close/trip knob - p/n 100001093.
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DST-2 Puffer Bladder

Replacement bladder for DST-2 puffer manifold. Dimensions 21.5" X 6.5".
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DST-2 Racking Handle

Levering device for installation and removal of breakers.
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F Switch for AK/AKR/AM Breakers w/ML-11 Mech

Normally open motor cut off switch for AK, AKR, AM ML-11 mechanisms and Wavepro electrically operated circuit breakers.
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FC 515 Main Shaft Bushing

Main shaft bushing for 7.5kv/15kv 515 mechanisms. Suggest replacing in pairs. Priced per bushing.
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FC Charging Handle

Handle to manually charge FC breakers with 515 mechanism.