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FC Fifth Wheel

Maintenance device lifts front wheels off the ground to facilitate moving breaker for maintenance.
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FC Puffer Tube

Replacement puffer tube for FC-500A/B. Priced per tube.
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FC Rear Barrier Channel

Molded glastic rear barrier with machined slots.
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FC/FA Racking Handle

Levering device for installation and removal of breakers.
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FC/MA Crack Resistant Flash Barrier

Arcing contact flash barrier designed to be more durable than original ceramic barriers that tend to crack and break. Includes hardware shown.
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FC/MA Flexible Puffer Tube

Reinforced tubing between piston and manifold in FC and MA breakers. Priced per tube.
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FC/MA Slow Close / Spring Block Tool

515 style spring tool used for maintenance of FC and MA medium voltage breakers with 515 style mechanisms.
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FC/MA Umbilical Cord

Extension cord used for maintenance and testing of the breaker outside of the cell. Specify length, standard length is 8 ft.