FC/MA Crack Resistant Flash Barrier

Arcing contact flash barrier designed to more durable than original ceramic barriers that tend to crack and break.

FC/MA Flexible Puffer Tube

Reinforced tubing between piston and manifold in FC and MA breakers. Priced per tube.

FC/MA Slow Close / Spring Block Tool

515 style spring tool used for maintenance of FC and MA medium voltage breakers with 515 style mechanisms.

FC/MA Umbilical Cord

Extension cord used for maintenance and testing of the breaker outside of the cell.

GMI Standoff Insulator

Replacement insulator for 5KV-15KV poles.

GMI/GMSG Secondary Block

Secondary disconnect molding, reinforced to help eliminate problems with cracking and chipping.

HK Manual Charging Handle

Maintenance handle for slow closing HK medium voltage circuit breakers.

HK Slow Close Bracket/Spring Block (flat)

Flat style spring blocking tool used for maintenance of type HK medium voltage breakers.