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KC Steelback Secondary Bracket (excluding G)

Used for mounting secondary disconnects to breaker and also used as part of racking hardware on draw out breakers.
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KC-G Hooded Barrier Assembly

Non-asbestos replacement hooded barrier assembly for KC-G breakers.
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KDA/KEA Handle with Latch

Operating handle for closing circuit breaker.
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K-Line Adjustable Lift Bracket

Adjustable lifting bracket used with overhead crane for removing and installing breakers K 225 through K 4000.
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K-Line Buffer Bushings

Replacement mechanism bushings. Priced per pair.
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K-Line Charging Handle

Handle for manually charging K225 -K4000 electrically operated breakers.
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K-Line Control Relay Trip Rod Kit

Replacement trip racking interlock on ITE K-Line 225, 600, 800, 1600 and 2000 amp control relays.
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LA 1600(F) Cover (EO)

Metal cover with new labels replaces old plastic style covers that tend to crack and break.