LA/RL Handle Bumper

Replacement handle bumper for RL, LA600A and LA1600A gold breakers.

LA/RL Racking Handle

Racking handle for removal and installation of breakers.

LA-3000A/3200A/4000A Moving Main Contact Push Link

Replacement moving main contact push link for LA-3000A, LA-3200A and LA-4000A breakers.

LAF Blown Fuse Lockout Cover

Cover with labels for LAF BFLO (blown fuse lockout).

LAF Blown Fuse Lockout Trigger Lever

Trigger lever for LAF BFLO (blown fuse lockout).

LAF Fuse Mounting Insulator

Replacement fuse mounting block for LAF1600a?B and LA1600F circuit breakers.

LFM4 ISO Switch Shutter and Link

Replacement shutter and reinforced operations link for LFM-4 isolation switch used with some models of LF25H430 and LF5H430 Ampgard starters.

Limitamp Coil 115 VAC

Encapsulated replacement close coil for limitamp air contactors.