Aftermarket 120V replacement close coil for Eaton/Cutler Hammer and Westinghouse vacuum contactors. Call for 220V.

SST-ECS Ground Defeat Cable

Replacement ground defeat cable.

Sytek Security Key

Security key for programming Sytek "Smart Trip" solid state trip units.

VAD 2 Secondary and Bracket

Replacement secondary disconnect and bracket for old-style VAD2.

VB/VB1 Indicator Tape

Replacement indicator tape for VB or VB1 breakers. Metal with label.

VB/VB1 Manual Charge Handle

Replacement handle for VB or VB1 charge handle.

VB/VB1 Secondary Disconnect Block (breaker side)

Reinforced breaker side secondary disconnect block without contacts.

VB/VB1 Secondary Disconnect Block Contact Removal Tool

Tool used to remove contacts for VB/VB1 Secondary Disconnect Block.