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AK/AKR Bell Alarm Switch

Replacement bell alarm switch with two normally open contacts.
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AK/AKR Control Relay Body

Molded body to replace molding on the top of relay that often breaks.
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AK/AKR Manual Charging Adapter

Used with ratchet to replace triangular style maintenance handle for AK 50-100 and AKR 75-100 circuit breakers.
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AK/AKR Secondary Block - reconditioned with new contacts

Seven contact block with NPE's exclusive solid threaded contacts.
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AK/AKR Trip Shaft Bearing without groove

Replacement AK/AKR trip shaft bearing without groove.
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AK/AKR/AMH Secondary Contact

Solid contact with hardware and screw connection eliminates the need for crimped and soldered connections.
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AKD 10 Kirk Key Interlock

Replacement padlock provision kit for AKD 10 800-2000 ampere WavePro circuit breakers.
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AKD 5 Jackscrew Cradle Indicator Tape Roller

AKD 5 jackscrew cradle indicator roller replacement for AK 2A 25/50/75/100 and AKR A 30/50/75 breakers.