AK/AKR/AMH Secondary Contact

Solid contact with hardware and screw connection eliminates the need for crimped and soldered connections.

AKD 10 Kirk Key Interlock

Replacement padlock provision kit for AKD 10.

AKD 5 Jackscrew Cradle Indicator Tape Roller

AKD 5 jackscrew cradle indicator roller replacement for AK 2A 50/75/100 and AKR A 30/50/75 breakers.

AKR 30/50 Mechanism Bushing Kit

Replacement mechanism bushing kit for AKR 30/50 breakers.

AKR 30/50 Plastic Barrier

Replacement AKR 30/50 rear barrier above top finger clusters

AKR 30/50/75/100 Auxiliary Switch - New Style

Round/rotary style auxiliary switch for AKR 30/50/75/100 (excluding 30S) circuit breakers.

AKR 75/100 Arcing Contact Link

Arcing contact link for AKR 75/100 breakers

AKR 75/100 Full Hub Racking Gear

Replacement brass gear for AKR 75 and 100 racking gears.