AKR/AKRU Crossbar Bumper

Replacement rubber bumper for AKR and AKRU 30/50 crossbars.

AKR/Wavepro Racking Handle

Racking handle for removal and installation of breakers.

AL 2 50 Secondary Disconnect (Base Unit)

Replacement molded base to be used with existing contacts.

AL 2 50 Secondary Disconnect (Complete)

Complete new secondary with contacts springs and retainers.

AM 4.16 -350 3000 Amp Shutter (cell)

Replacement shutters for AM 4.16-350 3000A cell. 2 per set.

AM Bottle Repotting

Reconditioning service to align, seal and replace original "tar pitch' style potting material and buss insulation with modern material to eliminate cracking, leaking and misaligned connections that can cause catastrophic failures.
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AM Flash Barrier

Arcing contact flash barrier made to be more durable than the original acrylic barrier that tends to crack and break.

AM ML 13 Charging Bushing

Replacement brass bushing for ML-13 charging arm.