AKR 75/100 Partial Hub Racking Gear

Replacement brass gear for AKR 75 and 100 racking gears.

AKR D 75/100 and AKR F 75/100 Racking Interlock Slide

Replacement racking interlock slide for AKR D 75/100 and AKR F 75/100 air circuit breakers.

AKR/AKRU Crossbar Bumper

Replacement rubber bumper for AKR and AKRU 30/50 crossbars.

AKR/Wavepro Racking Handle

Racking handle for removal and installation of breakers.

AL 2 50 Secondary Disconnect (Base Unit)

Replacement molded base to be used with existing contacts.

AL 2 50 Secondary Disconnect (Complete)

Complete new secondary with contacts springs and retainers.

AM 4.16 -350 3000 Amp Shutter (cell)

Replacement shutters for AM 4.16-350 3000A cell. 2 per set.

AM 5KV Front Caster

Replacement solid steel stem caster for 5kv magneblast breakers.