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Reconditioned Equipment

***All used equipment must be reconditioned and tested before being energized. We offer the following services to those customers who require it.


Class One... In a Class by Itself

Switchgear and circuit breakers need periodic care and maintenance to keep them safe and reliable. This requires more than an air hose and a can of oil. It requires trained technicians with experience and attention to detail, and a process that strips the equipment to its components and brings it back to "like new" condition. That is what our "Class One" program is all about.

  • The breaker is disassembled to it's smallest components and inspected for wear and damage.
  • The parts are then either re-plated (zinc or phosphate for mech parts, silver for current carrying parts), stripped and painted or buffed and polished to "like new" condition.
  • Everything is then reassembled with new wiring and tested to industry standards.

The result is that your equipment will be returned to as close to new as possible. Sometimes better than new with recommended upgrades!                              



 Clean and Test

If you're not ready for a full "Class One" program, our "Clean and Test" procedure is your answer. Equipment is disassembled and cleaned, touched up as needed and reassembled, lubricated and tested. You will get certified equipment ready for service that you can be confident in.


We have a variety of ways to make your equipment better than the day you bought it! Solid state over current trip devices, ML13 bushing upgrades, and solderless secondary pins for GE breakers are just a few options. Contact us for specific upgrade information that can make your equipment better than new!


***Unlike new equipment, which is batch tested at the factory, used equipment is individually tested for quality and safety.