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Technical Manual Database Online

Our Technical Manual Database is Available Online

Customers have long recognized that used electrical equipment dealers stock a broad range of vintages of switchgear and breakers which makes them an invaluable source for technical support. The staff at NPE has spent decades offering assistance to our customers due to our training and hands-on experience with the thousands of breakers that we stock. Over the years we have gleaned expertise along with thousands of manuals and catalogs so when you have a problem we can assist you with finding a solution.

We have decided to take that technical support to a new level by giving you unlimited access to our technical manual database. You now have over 5,000 manuals at your fingertips and that list is continually increasing. You can access this 14GB database by visiting our website at

Although, we realize that not everything can be found in these books and/or you just might not have the time to wade through them, so as always, we are here for you. Contact us and we’ll help you get the information you need quickly.